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Bioinformatician (RNA analysis)

The unit for Genetics & Experimental Bioinformatics (Institute for Biology III) is looking for a Bioinformatician (RNA analysis) | term for filing application: 31.10.2019
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The unit for Genetics & Experimental Bioinformatics (Institute for Biology III) is looking for a

Bioinformatician (RNA analysis)
Fulltime position, Start-date: At the earliest possible date.

The project:
The aim of the project is to develop, improve and apply computational tools for the analysis of regulatory non-coding RNAs (sRNAs) in bacteria. sRNAs are important regulators involved in all aspects of the bacterial lifecycle.

The applied part deals with the investigation of sRNAs in the human pathogen Salmonella. Understanding of so far unknown mechanisms, by which regulation of essential genes through sRNAs results in bacterial growth arrest, may lead to a better understanding of Salmonella virulence and ultimately in new strategies to cope with infectious diseases. The DFG funded project “Toxic small sRNAs that regulate essential genes in Salmonella, a combined experimental and computational approach” is a cooperation with the lab of S. Altuvia at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

The development part mainly aims to improve CopraRNA, the leading tool in sRNA target prediction, and GLASSgo, a tool to identify sRNA homologs (10.1073/pnas.1303248110, 10.3389/fgene.2018.00124).


The working environment:
The Faculty of Biology at the University of Freiburg is one of the leading Life Science Departments in the country. The Genetics and Experimental Bioinformatics unit at the University of Freiburg is an interdisciplinary experimental and computational group. This mixture of wet -and dry lab scientists promotes discussions and establishes a very fruitful working environment. The vibrant and liberal Freiburg is a green city with high recreational value, close to the Black forest and in vicinity to France and Switzerland.


Job requirements:
We are looking for a highly motivated PhD student or early stage Post-doctoral fellow with a degree in (bio)informatics, biology or a related Life Science topic. The applicant should have profound experience in Python and/or R. Experience in JavaScript is appreciated.


Further information:
The position is available from end of 2019. Please hand in a CV in tabular form, a summary of your previous research and your research interests, a record of your programing experience and, if applicable, a link to your GitHub account, scanned copies of your degree(s) and at least one reference contact.

The position is funded by the DFG for a duration of 3 years The salary will be determined in accordance with TV-L E13..
We are particularly pleased to receive applications from women for the position advertised here.

Please send in a complete and convincing application in English with the above-mentioned supporting documents including the reference number 00000719, by date 31.10.2019 at the latest. Please send your application to the following address in written or electronic form:
Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg
Institut für Biologie III
Dr. Jens Georg
Schänzlerstr. 1
79104 Freiburg
For further information, please contact Dr Jens Georg on the phone number +49 761 203-2708,203-6975 or E-Mail
General and legal remarks:
Full-time positions may generally be split up into two or more part-time positions, provided that there are no formal or legal barriers. Candidates are selected in accordance with the provisions of the AGG (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz - German General Equal Treatment Act).
Applicants with disabilities (Schwerbehinderte Menschen) will be given preferential consideration in case of equal qualification.
The department offering the position is liable for the content of this job posting. Textual errors do not constitute a basis for any claims or rights. The relevant human resources department has sole responsibility for all legal transactions made within the context of the selection and hiring process.
Please note that breaches in privacy and unauthorized access by third parties cannot be excluded in communication by unencrypted email.
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